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While for now remains a website offering current and past tax law information as a public service since 2001, readers are reminded that this information is not a substitute for specific or detailed tax advice. Consult a tax professional who specializes in tax law (not all CPAs or accountants do, so ask them!), or an enrolled agent, who does specialize and has passed an IRS exam. Also is the official Internal Revenue Service website.

For taxpayers in the Boston area seeking tax preparation services by a licensed enrolled agent offering expertise at reasonable prices, visit here.

Tax information for your 2013 filing has been posted, and all the tax tips will be archived, along with information that was being posted each year as new tax laws were passed. Some kicking and screaming, some convoluted and aspirin-inducing, and some with common sense.

In other words, this website will be redesigned and redefined soon.

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